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"I have known Dr Craig Christiansen for 12 years. He is a fabulous dentist.

When I first discovered him his office was very close to our home. But I would drive anywhere to receive his services. My children loved to go to see him. He had a "Zero Cavities" bulletin board. When you had no cavities, patients got their picture taken and the pictures were put up on the board. The kids loved it! They were so proud of that.

He has a unique technique of injecting the Novocain so that patients do not even know the syringe is near. His chair side manners are very pleasant. He makes you feel you are the most important patient ever! Going to the dentist is really hard for some people but having the right dentist makes all the difference!"

Lauralyne Chord - Orem, UT

"I love going to Dr. Craig's office for all my dental needs. Everyone is so friendly and willing to go the extra mile. The office is always so clean and inviting, it makes for a very relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Craig does phenomenal work, as well as his hygienists and dental assistants. I recommend Dr. Craig and his office to everyone who is looking for a great, friendly dentist."

Anna Jensen - West Jordan, UT

"Great Dentist. I have had a lot of work done from basic cavity fillings to crowns and root canals by Dr. Craig and everything has turned out GREAT! I have had no problem with any of the work he has done. He is a very professional and personable dentist. Uses the latest in technology and keeps up with the best dental practices which makes you feel confident in him and his work. Dr. Craig has always listened to my concerns and is always willing to answer all my questions. Very comfortable office to go to they make you feel right at home."

Andrew Jensen - West Jordan, UT

"I have been a patient of Dr. Craig just about the whole time he has practiced in Orem. I am very impressed with the professionalism of Dr. C and how not only does he care for what he does but he cares about his patients. I am also very impressed with the cleanliness of the office and how friendly the office staff, the dental assistants, and hygenists are. My family plans to be patients for a very long time."

Ashlie Mann - Orem, UT

"Christiansen Dental has always been great to me. It seems every time I have a problem with my teeth, I can call and they magically fit me in their schedule promptly to get in and looked at. I always have a great experience at the dentist. With a good variety of movies to watch or TV while you are being worked on, a comfortable experience can be had. The people there are great, as well; always with a friendly smile. Thanks, Christiansen Dental!"

Adam Merkley - Enterprise QA, HSPS

"I have been a patient of Dr. Craig Christiansen for over ten years and have been very happy with the treatment I have received. His crowns fit really well and I am never sore for very long after I get work done. He also does shots really well and they don't hurt. I used to be really scared of getting dental work done, but Dr. C did some sedation for me twice with longer appointments and it was really helpful. Now I am not scared of dentistry any longer. Plus I don't need any more long appointments because Dr. Christiansen has made my teeth healthy."

Elizabeth J. - Lindon, UT