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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Medicaid?

I do not accept Medicaid in my practice. Rather than relying on the government for providing assistance to patients in need, I provide charitable discounts to eligible patients based on a referral from a friend or family member. I feel strongly that each dentist has a duty to provide inexpensive or free dental care to the needy in the community, and I have done so for 15 years. I also feel strongly that the government does a very poor job of running any welfare programs and that welfare should be taken care of privately or religiously—not governmentally.

Do you work Saturdays or evenings?

In my practice we have seen patients in the evenings or on Saturdays from time to time. I am always flexible, and if a person were to come in to me for a consultation and required a lot of dental work and could absolutely not miss work or school, I would arrange a time on an evening or a Saturday to help them. For our initial examinations and consultations, however, I only have my hygienists and staff in the office for regular weekday hours. So if you need a lot of dental work done and you must have a Saturday or evening, just come in initially for your exam during normal office hours and then talk with me about your situation and I can help make the arrangements for after hours work.

Do you do "sleep dentistry"?

For those patients who are very nervous about dental work, I have been certified to provide sedated dentistry for 15 years now. I have sedated over two thousand patients for dental work and not a single one has had any adverse reaction or any problems. I use oral sedation that is very safe and not too expensive. For many people it is amazing to be able to finally relax and get dental work done without anxiety and stress. You must of course bring someone to drive you home if you get "sleep" dentistry done.

Why don't you have coupons or special offers in the mail?

I have always felt that my dental care is the highest quality work that I can provide for a fair price and if I discount my prices and offer really cheap specials or freebies or gimmick offers to get new patient to come in I would have to lower my quality. Those dentists who must constantly attract new patient with gimmick ads or offers are not the types of dentists that you would want to go to if you want good quality long-lasting dental care. We get our new patients not with coupons or mailers, but by rewarding everyone who refers a new patient to me with a nice gift card. I have the best patients in the world, and they gladly refer their family, friends and neighbors so you won't see me in the mail with coupons or cheesy gimmicks.

Do you refer to specialists or do everything in house?

One of the best things about my dental practice is that I will not undertake dental treatment that will not benefit the patient. If someone needs treatment that is beyond what my skills can provide, I refer that patient to one of my team of colleagues who are specialists in restoring difficult oral challenges. A mistake that many dentists make is thinking of their own profitability rather than making good treatment decisions and referring difficult procedures to specialists. This leads to some other dentists getting in over their head and causing problems for people. I always strive to make sure that anyone who comes in to see me is treated with the same care that I would give to my own wife or children. This means that sometimes I need a specialist to help provide care for difficult procedures.

Do you take insurance?

In my practice I participate as a provider with many different insurance companies. The best way for you to find out if I participate on your plan is to call your insurance company by the number listed on the back of your card, or visit their website. It is impossible for a good quality dentist to be on all the insurance plans because a practice could not handle the volume of patients that would come in. I participate with many of the leading plans. The low quality HMO or DHMO type plans do not pay enough to allow a dentist to provide quality dentistry, and thus I do not participate in those types of plans. Please check to see if you have the option at work to select a better quality dental plan (even if it costs a bit more per month) so that you can receive the best quality of care from us. Patients who choose the cheapest plan that their work offers and try to go to a different dentist on the cheap dental plan nearly always return and tell me that they are happy to pay a bit more to return to our practice.

Do you have payment plans?

I do. I realize that dental work is often costly and that people often can't afford to get their treatment done and pay immediately. We have several options to choose from that allow dental costs to be extended over payments. These payment plans are administered through third-party companies and a person must have decent but not flawless credit to qualify. It is very helpful for many patients to be able to pay over the course of months rather than immediately.